Cochran is the Pacific Northwest’s leader in electrical systems design, installation, and maintenance, with deep expertise in commercial, medical, laboratory, data center, civic, high rise residential, institutional, and industrial projects. We employ licensed electricians from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, many of whom have been with us for over 20 years. Our skills encompass design/build, design/assist, dynamic collaboration, value engineering, sustainability, and energy efficiency. → Projects


Cochran’s Service and Special Projects team is on-call 24/7 to meet customer needs. We maintain a large fleet of service vans to provide the quickest possible response times. From routine systems maintenance to emergency power restoration to full-building energy-saving retrofits, Cochran is the first call for area businesses. Contact them at (206) 367-1900.

Managed Technical Services: Cochran also supports our customers by providing staffing for temporary technical positions. Whether searching for IT, small device, or data center support, you’ll find that all Cochran personnel have one defining characteristic: a deep commitment to customer service.
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Cochran provides the bandwidth needed to support voice, video, data, and networking requirements for businesses, agencies, campuses, and communities. We install, troubleshoot, and maintain the latest technologies. Our project portfolio includes data centers; corporate, medical, and university campuses; office building; and residential high rises. Our team of Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDDs) draws on the latest technical advances to design and implement your communications infrastructure. In addition, our service lines are available 24/7 for immediate response to emergencies. → Projects


Cochran is a security systems integrator dedicated to implementing the newest technologies. To mitigate your risk, we research vulnerabilities and requirements, develop a design, and deploy an integrated electronic security solution responsive to your objectives, budget, and schedule. We are skilled in access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, situation management, and security operations centers. We also provide training and support throughout the life of your security systems. And we work with you to keep your systems up to date and to optimize your security for years to come. → Projects

Today’s Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) is the backbone of a company’s operations infrastructure. Cochran provides the equipment and the expertise to design and install flexible systems to meet your current and future wireless needs. → Projects

Distributed Antenna Systems act as a host to all cellular signal providers and emergency radio frequencies inside a building. Whether you’re retrofitting an existing building or constructing a new one, we have the expertise to create a system with guaranteed coverage for Emergency Response (ERRS) and Cellular connectivity to all major carriers. → Projects

Audio visual systems can transform your spaces into dynamic branded environments. Cochran maintains a full-service audio visual group for designing, installing, and supporting the latest technologies. Our team executes and provides ongoing support for projects of any size, including corporate conference rooms, auditoriums, retail lobbies, operations centers, and entertainment venues. We also develop content for the digital signage systems and large touch-screen installations that are central to modern corporate communications. → Projects

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Building Information Modeling increases productivity, preempts problems, and helps us meet aggressive deadlines. It lets our crews map spaces in detail before they’re built out, so that we can proactively complete our layouts; often, we can start installing even before we receive completed engineering drawings. This not only saves time, but reduces congestion in high-traffic work areas, since the work can be fully planned and prefabricated offsite. Cochran embraces BIM and 3D coordination and has modeled more than 10,000,000 square feet of project space. → Projects


Our project managers and field staff can reduce environmental impact and minimize operating costs through high-efficiency lighting and sustainable practices. We’re experts in the deployment of photovoltaic solar panels, energy recovering air-to air ventilation, air-to water heat pumps, and radiant floor heating. Cochran strives to help our customers develop genuinely green buildings by investigating alternatives to commonly used techniques and making smart decisions in our design and construction practices. We have participated in more than 30 LEED-certified projects. → Projects

Prefabricating components in our own warehouses is standard practice at Cochran. It reduces jobsite congestion, decreases waste packaging and clutter, shortens installation times, lowers our clients’ composite labor rates, and makes for a safer project. It also achieves higher quality, keeps projects on schedule, and supports just-in-time delivery to the jobsite. In addition, material for prefabricated items is shipped to our warehouses via an on-site vendor-managed inventory system, which minimizes material over-purchasing and handling, eliminates waiting for delivery from remote manufacturers, and reduces the amount of storage area we require. → Projects


Cochran is proud to offer Electrical Testing & Maintenance Services to provide you with peace of mind that your facility is operating at optimal performance and avoidance of failure.
Power testing and preventive maintenance services are key parts of keeping your electrical systems in functioning order.

Testing and maintenance provide a proactive approach to ensuring the reliability of your valuable power systems. While maintenance and frequency of these services can vary from system to system, it is important to take into consideration the impact of the power system on your daily operations.

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