Cochran Marine to become Watts Marine

Cochran, Inc., a $200 million electrical and technologies firm headquartered in Seattle, announces the acquisition of its Marine division by Vice President Mike Watts. The firm has housed Cochran Marine, under the leadership of Watts, for more than a decade; Watts Marine has been in the works since early 2019.

“Founding and leading Cochran Marine always felt like I was running my own business. As owner of Watts Marine, I truly get to live my dream of owning every aspect,” states Watts, who has perfected his vision for the Marine division over the years.

“We’re delighted to see Mike more fully assume this business he’s worked to grow for the past 16 years,” affirms CEO LeeAnn Cochran. “On behalf of the senior leadership team, we support this shift in ownership and are eager to focus on our core business as an electrical and technologies contracting firm.”

Cochran Marine has been the world’s leading provider of shore power systems for the ship industry since its founding in 2005 and has supplied its patented electrical power systems to more than half a dozen ports, ranging from San Diego, CA, to Brooklyn, NY, and into Nova Scotia.

Watts, together with the Cochran leadership, has planned a seamless transition for customers and vendors, who can expect the same high standard of quality service and product. Watts Marine will continue the renowned installation, management, and coordination that put Cochran Marine on the map as a leading shore power provider.

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